Cement Mason
Construction Craft Laborer
Elevator Constructor
Insulator & Asbestos Worker
Iron Worker
Operating Engineer
Painter, Wallpaper Hanger
      & Drywall Finisher
Sheet Metal Worker
Tile Setter

Iron Worker

Work Description:
A building will not stand without the contributions of iron workers. They set steel beams and bolt together the steel that frames high-rise buildings. They place and secure reinforcing steel (rebar) for concrete structures and roads and perform steel work for bridges. Iron workers also build towers, move machinery and erect sheeting. Iron workers must possess excellent balance and be able to work at all heights. They must follow safety rules to ensure safety for themselves and their co-workers.

Apprentice Age:
Minimum:     18 years
Maximum:     None

Training Program:
Iron worker apprentices receive three years of preparation combining on-the-job training with 160 hours each year of classroom training.

Application Process:
Applications are accepted Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. (except holidays). Applicants must present a valid form of picture identification. Applications received by Jan. 15 will be considered for the current year. Those received after Jan. 15 will be considered for the following year. Applicants must attend a two-week pre-apprenticeship class, which consists of 10 four-hour sessions, where they will take tests, do assignments and establish a score. That class score will be added to an interview score and candidates will be selected by rank.

To Apply, Contact:
Joe Hunt, Coordinator
Iron Workers Local No. 396
Construction Training School
6301 Knox Industrial Drive
St. Louis, MO  63139
Fax: 314/644-1536

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