Cement Mason
Construction Craft Laborer
Elevator Constructor
Insulator & Asbestos Worker
Iron Worker
Operating Engineer
Painter, Wallpaper Hanger
      & Drywall Finisher
Sheet Metal Worker
Tile Setter


Work Description:
Bricklayers are not only important for the structural integrity of buildings, but they also help create their distinctive beauty. They lay brick, block, stone, glass block and related materials, with or without mortar. Bricklayers also install refractory materials, firebrick, sewer brick and acid brick. In addition, they tuckpoint, caulk and clean the materials they install. Bricklayers must be able to work at great heights, handle heavy materials, work in teams, follow instructions and accomplish tasks, safely and accurately.

Apprentice Age:
Minimum:     17 years
Maximum:     None

Bricklayers must live within the jurisdiction of Bricklayers Local No. 1 of Missouri: City of St. Louis and counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, Warren, Lincoln, Franklin, Crawford, Pike, Ralls, Marion, Lewis and Clark.

Training Program:
Bricklayer apprentices receive three-and-a-half years of on-the-job training, working beside a journey-level bricklayer. Apprentices also attend eight hours of classroom/shop instruction twice a month from September through June for three years.

Application Process:
Applications are accepted based on the needs determined by the industry's Joint Apprenticeship Committee. Applications are accepted every Tuesday (except holidays) from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., at the Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Joint Apprenticeship Training Center. Applicants must present a birth certificate, documented proof of residency and high school diploma, G.E.D. or transcripts. They also must submit two letters of recommendation describing their character.

To Apply, Contact:
Mark Kreutzman, Instructor/Coordinator
Bricklayers' Local No. 1 of Missouri
AFL-CIO Apprenticeship & Training Trust
4350 Green Ash Drive
Earth City, MO  63045
Fax: 314/770-0311

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